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Currently, psychotechnical tests play a fundamental role in evaluating and understanding objectively the abilities, intellectual development and aptitudes of people.
These tests are widely used in selection processes, both in private companies and in the public sphere. In fact, it is very common to find these type of tests in different exams to access posts in the Public Administration, becoming an important part of the oppositions.

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The main objective of these tests is to evaluate the development of cognitive abilities, which is essential to enhance our growth.

These abilities encompass our intellectual capacity and can be developed through different methods, such as intelligence tests or IQ (intelligence quotient), which focus on improving perception, the classification of elements, memory, concentration, association, in other aspects.

Likewise, psychotechnical tests with drawings also play an important role, since they allow us to understand and learn in a didactic way, at the same time that they reinforce our memory capacity.

On the other hand, personality tests allow us to know the qualities and aptitudes of people. Through a series of questions, they seek to identify the main character traits and the various abilities of each individual.

It is important to note that in this type of test there are no right or wrong answers. Each person who takes a test must select and answer the option that best suits their tastes, characteristics and preferences.

Companies often use a variety of personality tests as part of the recruitment process, with the goal of gaining a better understanding of candidates and obtaining data and conclusions that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. These tests provide additional information that complements the assessment of applicants' skills and competencies.

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